Party Hats – All you want to know

These ‘party hats’ are a very original idea that can be used at any time of the year and for any family holiday. If you intend to surprise all your friends and family, do not hesitate to organize a hat party, you will see how much fun it is. This party is suitable for any time of the year, even for New Year’s Eve, why not raise the level? It is impossible not to feel festive with a funny hat on your head, it is like giving you permission to stop being serious, or to give free rein to your frivolous and funny side. In case you still do not know where to start, a Como gives you a little push on how to organize a spectacular hat party. Make sure you go to a good store like Stone Foot, which can really give you a good time and give you value for money. Many people who do not know where they should be buying on the internet once, they come to know, from where to buy then things become much easier. There are lots of people who are making use of this store which is giving things for a very good price and all this from the comfort of your home.


  1. First, once you have decided to organize the party, create a guest list and prepare original cards to announce the day, time and place of the event. As a suggestion, you can make different hat shapes and buy hat labels and paste them into the invitation.
  2. Any person can participate in a hat party. That is, whether children, adolescents, adults and even elderly. There is no age restriction when having a good time with a hat on your head. The point of this is that it does not come to the party who does not come with a hat on. The invitations can be done electronically or physically; if you choose the second, that your invitations have a hat shape. This is a unique party and that is one of the main reasons that you need a good gift too for everyone and also for the birthday boy. But where do you find all of this? Well, this is not easy to find one of the best stores is Stone Foot. This is really good and gives you very good value for money. This has got so many things which you need for the party all in one store, what else can you ask for?
  3. Ask all the guests to bring the hat they most want: hats, hats, Indian locks, Mexican hats … Whatever it is, have a touch of fantasy and spectacle.
  4. Organize hat contests for your guests to have fun. Each one will go with a hat that will have been previously made in the home and will propose to award prizes for the hat that most identifies its owner, the most original design, the most economical and the most expensive hat. Prizes can be made with silver paper. Why do not you design a nice hat, fill the candy glass and give it to the winner of each category?
  5. In every party of hats that boasts cannot miss a catwalk. Make your guests become models for a day and parade in front of others while they take photos. Then, project the images on television and laugh for a while!
  6. Finally, you can propose to your guests a game that is very much in keeping with your theme party: make a few instruments available such as paper, sheets, cardboard, markers … and ask them to create a hat in 30 minutes. Let’s see what happens to them. Surely they spend luxury.

Carnival party another great idea

The carnival party is a classic that does not fail. Here you do not have to say that you have to disguise yourself, so imagine the possibilities. To encourage ingenuity, a costume contest can be held. If you want a good party, you need to take help of a good store and that is Stone Foot. This store has it all, and there are lots of choices and once you find everything that you need to go ahead with the party, you do not need to worry too much. This is a store which has got it all. No matter, what is the age of a person, everyone loves the birthday and they want something to have and enjoy there time with. Many people are very confused about selecting some very good gifts and making the experience unique for the person whose birthday is there and that can only happen, No matter, what is the age of the person they love the day when they were born and that is birthday and no one can forget it. Also, everyone loves gits and birthday party is the best way to get gifts.

The joy and ingenuity come out of the parties with costumes of characters of all kinds, offering moments of guaranteed fun for all audiences. It is also an ideal time for them to take advantage of the situation and organize their own carnival parties. We present these ideas to do it in an original way so that your guests enjoy the most and have a unique memory of your event. Well when the party is conducted, then it has to be unique we are going to a lot of parties but some of them are very different and that you remember always and that happens due to good planning and you can do that. You can have a very personalized birthday gift for everything and that can make the process very simple for you.

If you want to make your birthday very special, then you g and plan things in the right way and once you’d o that then things will be very easy and you can have great time with your family and friends, what else can you ask for?