Here Are Just A Few Of The Factors That Make The Smart Pots Rate over The Rest

The concept of fabric containers came into our consciousness in the 1980s through an invention by High Caliper Growing of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their flagship fabric container was named the Smart Pot. It is now the world’s top-selling fabric pot. With the entry of the invention into the market over the years, there are other concepts of it that have flooded the market one of which is cannabis fabric pots.

Why has the fabric overtaken the rest of the competing concepts? The advantages are obvious; we shall examine some of these advantages with aim of letting you know the obvious benefits of cannabis fabric pots. Here we go:


The advance in science and technology is coming in its wake with some obvious disadvantages. But with this concept; there are no known side effects of it in the soil. There are no issues of dangerous chemicals being introduced into the soil. When we have a technology that will not disturb the peace of the soil, then it should be used.

The Fabric Pot Is 100% BPA-free

Another very important factor why people should embrace this technology is the fact that they are clinically 100% BPA free. This is yet an obvious advantage over the competing technologies around today that are designed for the holistic health of your plant.

There Is Quality In Every Smart Pot

Every country has its standards when it comes to the manufacture of products. For now, the manufacture of every Smart Pot that you will see on the sales reports has the quality that will deliver on the benefits. For now, every smart pot is manufactured in the US. This is a strong indication that every smart pot comes with a quality that matters most.

Smart Pots are scientifically designed

The design of every smart pot comes with a technology that releases heat out of the pot. A favorable atmosphere for the roots to thrive is therefore sustained inside the pot. Therefore, the state of the roots will remain ever healthy at all times.

Moisture control

The problem with the plastic pot is the restricted flow of moisture in the pot. When water comes into the plastic pot; there is no free-flow outside the pot. Waterlogging is, therefore, an issue. When water is logged; the roots of the plants will be deprived of oxygen which is very essential for plant growth. To add to that, there is the added problem of root rot.

The scenario above will never occur in the technology of the cannabis fabric pots. The water that comes in pass through an unhindered passage through to the soil and the excess of it is drained into the soil. The moisture content is maintained at a level that is adequate to the healthy growth of the plant.

They Are Incredibly Durable

Everybody desires a concept that will last him forever. Though this is not a practical possibility, it is the wish of everyone that his purchase will last him for as long as possible-giving value to the investment. This is one of the best attributes of the cannabis fabric pots. It will last an average of at least five years. When you get the order of one; expect it to last you the distance that will give you excellent value on your investment. If you value durability, then you will get the best in the context of durability from the smart pot.

Smart Pots provide consistent quality

Like it was earlier mentioned that this product is proudly American, you can trust the value that you will get from it. There are many products that are competing brands in the notch today but one cannot say the same of the quality that comes with each of them. If you really care for an expert delivery in your smart pot, then you will never be disappointed at the end of the day because you are going to get the full benefits from every item that you picked from the shelf or online portal.

During the lifespan of the product which will not be less than five years; you will get a quality that will remain consistent from the first second till the last second of the duration of its lifespan. What you will get from this technology is a smooth sailing technology that will deliver all the expectations to you full blast.

Smart Pots are a scientifically proven product

The concept of the smart pot comes with desired peace of mind. Though technology has brought in its wake some benefits; issues of environmental pollution abound with us today that does not call for cheer. Countries all over the world are today battling to enact laws that will protect the environment from the harm caused to the environment through the activities of science and technology.

The manufacture of the smart pot is done under strict regulations. There is no room for the slightest error during the cause of its manufacture. Therefore, the model of smart pot that you see around you has passed through the eye of the needle during the process of its manufacture. You will get nothing but the vintage best from every item that you will get to see on the shelf today. There is no cause for worry in terms of side effects to the environment on every item that you purchased. You will get desired peace of mind on any cannabis fabric pots.


When you have all the indices put in the right perspective, there will be the delivery of excellence that will give you peace of mind. The facts of the matter are heavily in favor of today’s smart pot because of the pains that went into the manufacture of it. The control over the production line is strict; it gives no room for any form of lapses. This singular factor accounts for the rise in popularity of the cannabis fabric pots over the other competing brands that we have around us today in the market.