How to get the best experience playing Pokemon Go game

Introduction to Pokemon GO

If there is a game that changed the whole gaming perspective and took it to a whole new level is Pokemon Go. Since its launch back in 2016, this game has been able to remain a darling among many young game lovers. It has also managed to get new people to try it, some of those who have never played any other game before but got into the momentum upon the launching of Pokemon Go. The game has got many developers thinking what they could be doing wrong because upon launching, Pokemon Go topped both free and grossing app stores by the number of downloads than any other game has been able to do which reflected the same thing to revenue generation.

This game is one of a kind, the kind that you cannot play at the comfort of your house because it will need you to explore the outside. This is the best way to make those who can hardly take a walk by themselves get outside and do some few kilometers as try look to find some Pokemon. It gets you to wander around your neighborhood or city looking forward to catching as many virtual monsters as you possibly can. The best thing about some games and pokemonGO at that is there are always mechanisms to get you play the game more efficiently and crack those levels all the way up no matter how simple a game may seem to be.

Pokemon Go for instance comes with features which continue to be updated every other time to enable you to navigate your way through the game more easily. We are going to look at various ways you can get to play pokemonGO and make the whole experience more manageable despite the level you may be currently at or the number of collections you may have in your possession.

Finding the best wild Pokemon

Pokemon Go game is one game that will have you up on your feet and get to wander around the real world with your phone or tablet in your hand so you better be ready for some exploration of its kind. You get to deal with Pokemon which are virtual monsters depending on your real life location and the general environment. That means that if you happen to be in a town, a normal type of Pokemon will appear and if you go near water, you are likely to encounter a water-based Pokemon and the same case for going out at night.

Sometimes a Pokemon that is not entirely based on your geographical location may not appear which means there is randomness involved. That means you can get a town based normal Pokemon when in a near-water location instead of getting a water-based Pokemon. You should frequently visit local parks because specific types of nest are created in those places and you are supposed to be fast when a Pokemon appears at a nest that appears to rotate overtime. You are supposed to react fast because your type of nest can suddenly turn to be a different kind of nest.

Some tips on how to go about looking for Pokemon

Let us look at some tips on how you can go about finding Pokemon.

Tip number one; when you start playing and a Pokemon appears on the screen, despite how far it may be from you just tap on it in order to begin the catching process.

Tip number two; when a Pokemon disappears, that does not mean that there are no chances of it reappearing again. It may appear again to give you another chance.

Tip number three; put Incense and Lure models into use. Incense is usually a consumable item you get to win upon leveling up or you can get to purchase it from pokemonGO shop. Incense works by attracting a Pokemon towards you and therefore decreasing the chances of them disappearing and increasing the chances of spotting it. Lure modules on the other side are applied to a pokestop and not a player. They work by attracting Pokemon for 30 minutes to specific locations which benefits the players who happen to be in that particular area. A spot with pink confetti-like animation on your map is therefore an indication that you stand a chance to finding Pokemon in that area. Some incense will therefore guarantee you a presence of some little virtual monsters.

Tip number four; make sure to always tune to monthly community days and events which are usually broadcast in your Pokemon Go game app. Do this and then focus on Pokemon of a specific type or one from a particular region. This event gives you an opportunity to get a rare type of Pokemon and that is why you should always look out for special events in order to find lots of Pokemon for awesome experiences.

Here is how to pick the best starter Pokemon

As it is the norm for most game series while starting out, you begin by selecting a starter. There are usually three classic starter Pokemon to choose from; Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. However, choosing is not that important because you get to find higher-level Pokemon later in the game. All you need to do is choose a Pokemon that you are sure you stand a chance of evolving quickly. Your choice should also depend on where you live.

A Charmander for instance is a good choice if you happen to live in hotter and drier climates. A Squirtle on the other hand is a better choice if you live near water bodies and Bulbasaur for those living in grassy and more temperate areas. By picking Pokemon that fits your area increases the chances of finding and catching more Pokemon. This is also gets you to earn more candies and evolve your starters to more powerful Pokemon as you play along. In order to get to Pikachu, which is usually a hidden fourth starter you need to follow some simple specific steps for it to appear.

Hard And Soft Drug, Coffee… Any Better Substitute Available?

Coffee! Drink of my hectic days. This drink holds a solution for the maximum population at the time when there is great workload, stress, busy schedules or if not this, even on the calm and healthy days, along with the scenic beauty’s company or maybe a café to say. Coffee is available effortlessly even at common places, not an item too long for in specific areas, but can your coffee turn to be the best at your own place? Yes, the answer is simple and easy to accept. It invariably depends on one’s choice factor, as to what the person would choose as per one’s taste and preferences. Which alluring flavors would attract his tongue, and how easily can be available at one’s own place.

Can preparing amazing varieties of flavored coffee to be made so easy. The answer holds true off-course. Coffee prepared at home does not demand a lot of paraphernalia, just a cup of milk, coffee beans and an amazing and stylish ‘coffee maker’; which could turn out your coffee astonishingly yummy! Few benefits which could be derived out of making coffee at home are:

  • Healthy
  • Preferred taste choice available
  • Reasonable
  • On-demand availability

When looked out to these benefits a strong love for home coffee ignites within our mind. You can without any stress think of thousands for flavors of coffee and be ready with their availability at your place. Now, the next appearing doubt that pops is “the coffee maker”. There are various coffee machines, widely available in the market for coffee lovers that are devices or machines which assist in easy and less time-consuming preparations. Such devices are highly compatible with the current life of hustle and bustle, where machines have taken over a maximum of man’s tasks. Such coffee makers, hardy take any specific time for their preparation. They awesome ready in a mere few minutes.

Coffee brewers i.e. keurig vs nespresso can be considered a good choice among the consumers. These can be focused upon as:


A small working device that takes into use ‘espressos’ as well as ‘coffee capsules’ to brew out hot coffees as the fine-grained coffee beans are added to the machine and crushed by it finely to bring out its juicy flavors along with a pinch of strong thing for the coffee. This machine proves best for a single use and is also handy and affordable.

Nespresso holds the following components:

  • Machine: the machine of Nespresso is developed by the experts under great specialization which functions smartly through the three buttons available on the front side. It holds the capacity to make coffee for a single cup, where the quantity may vary according to the utilization by the user. It is even smaller in size and lighter in weight which makes it more comfortable and appreciable for the users.
  • Capsules: The Company offers differently flavored capsules which package within itself, various flavors. These capsules are long lasting and high in quality i.e. they do not lose their flavor/taste when kept in open like the other packages coffee beans/powdered coffees. Also, its aroma and flavors are points to be appreciated for.
  • Process: The capsules provided along with the coffee makers are well- fined with the airtight outfit, they are structured with a pointy end and flat on top, where the structure eases its utilization in the machine accordingly. As the system starts, the water starts boiling and a fine string pierces into the capsule crushing the material in the coffee and mixing the brew in the container inside. Like the pressure cookers, a safety valve is provided to avoid an explosion.

Therefore, the utilization of this efficient machine is increasing day by day. As the easy functioning and affordable rate make its market to enhance and absorb more and more customers.


A comparatively larger machine incorporates appreciable features for making coffee. This machine can be put to use in commercial as well as homely use. It provides multiple varieties of coffee states i.e. hot, cold, chilling brews, dairy drinks and not to forget varied flavored beverages. The following benefits associated with this coffee machine are:

  • Comfortable use: the applicability of the instructions for the functioning of the machinery are really simple and easy to put to use. They have clear methods and buttons to be operated as per requirement.
  • Easily extractable parts: the various parts of the machine are easy to use as well as can be removed for cleaning or emptying.
  • Quick silent crushes: The spilling out coffee boils in the traditional systems would not tire too much, if your coffee is being prepared in Keurig. Keurig does the brewing with instant and quick crushes with one silent beep.
  • Faster functioning: Keurig machine is energy efficient and does the work in the most effective manner, utilizing energy to optimum use and off the next second.
  • Affordable prices: Keurig machines are found in affordable rates and have even long -lasting life for daily use.

The comparison keurig vs nespresso, holds onto:

  • Use: While Nespresso use capsules for brewing coffee, on one hand, Keurig puts to use K-cups which sometimes contain coffee and sometimes even a creamy layer.
  • Brew variations: Where on one hand Nespresso brews coffee, espressos and encompasses decaffeinated drinks as well. On the other hand, Keurig is centered on caffeinated drinks only.
  • Durability and reliability: The life of both the coffee generators are held to be similar and depends upon their good utilization and maintenance.
  • Eco-sensitive: Both the machines are eco-friendly. Their capsules and k-cups are all recyclable.

Therefore, your choice for coffee or beverage must now be centered on keurig vs nespresso, which one must be favored to be bought. The appreciating features of the two are difficult to be chosen as both stand hand to hand. They ensure for their appreciating works and would never let the buyer regret for their purchase. One chosen aspect of coffee can be focused upon is, “no coffee can taste better than a home-made natural coffee”.