One can face several problems pertaining to heating, automation systems, plumbing, fire safety, electrical connections, etc., in a large building. It can get too cumbersome to handle these issues and inexperienced engineers and workers can further aggravate the chaos ultimately resulting in loss of money, time and manpower. Therefore, the services of Building Service Specialists appear to be handy at such times as they can tackle these nuisances easily and also prove economical in the long run. However, their professional services are not limited to the above sphere as they provide a plethora of solutions to maintain safe, comfortable and environment friendly operation inside the building. They can help in designing and operating Green buildings, Zero-energy buildings and other buildings having a higher level of energy efficiency resulting in reduction of carbon footprint, minimizing energy related expenditure and helping to mitigate global warming.

There are a variety of professionals in this field providing their guidance and services to the people for better operation and maintenance of the buildings. In UK, Mitton Group is one such group which leads in providing professional and overarching building services solutions for new and existing structures and serves clients throughout the nation. Their innovative approach and customer friendly service has helped it to maintain a firm position in the industry. The Mitton Eye Energy bureau is an example of its excellence which helps in monitoring about a thousand sites to improve energy efficiency and minimize energy costs.

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) services

The MEP services are required to be properly functional for maintaining an amicable atmosphere inside the building. MEP design is crucial for meticulous documentation, performance, cost estimation, scheme of construction, decision-making and the flexibility attained in operation of the structure which gets built. A specialist provides an innovative and professional approach and works closely with the architects, structural engineers and other such related professionals to work out the plan for a given project.

  • Mechanical services – These services include the operation of escalators and lifts, heating and ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration as well as the supply of fuels and energy resources such as gas and electricity inside the building. A specialist or expert in building services would help to lay out a thorough plan and affix installations at the suitable points so that an adequate level of required services can be provided. Pre-determining the locations where the energy supply would help in saving the costs of providing the same later.
  • Electrical services – No building can function properly if there exists a problem of electricity supply as it is vital to most of the operations. A specialist would rescue you from the problems faced in fire protection, alarm and security system, building automation, lightning protection, information and communication technology and low voltage systems, etc.
  • Plumbing services – Water supply leakages can greatly damage the building plaster as well as disturb the appearance of surfaces. The plumbing services would counter problems in fuel gas piping, drainage venting, sewage systems, cold and hot water supply, hydronics, rainwater harvesting and storage.

Environmental services

The specialists develop management systems to provide monitoring services to ensure optimum operational efficiency and advise the customers to take various steps to improve energy efficiency and save on the increasing energy costs. It has been observed that these services can help in substantial reduction in energy consumption.

Ancillary services

Due to the prolonged exposure to the industry, the building services specialists help in resolving various issues related to the indoor functions. The facades and the role of natural light can be selected according to the given conditions so that optimum light is available during the day. Aspects of passive cooling and building physics can also be resolved utilizing their services.


Any installation requires service, repairs and maintenance as it goes continuous wear and tear and other damages. The services of a professional can make one free from looking into those hassles as the professionals would deal with them and provide best-fit solutions. Planned preventive maintenance can help in resolving the problems even before they can occur and take measures to keep them buried.

Small works

All the problems may not appear too big that would require professional guidance. However, the specialists have various plans for such situations and provide professional and cost effective solutions in no time. As mentioned earlier, the leading Mitton Group in UK provides such facilities for services which fall out of its regular services. It may help in case of boiler house failures by providing alternative heat resources to maintain working conditions until the normalcy is restored. Similar assistance can be provided in case of plant room fires and flooding. The Total care service which provides access to a qualified ‘handyman’ can also be utilized to carry out the minor repairs.

Therefore, as mentioned above, utilizing the services of a building services specialist helps you to gain access to a plethora of useful services which would help you to continue without your getting involved in the problems pertaining to the services required in the building and make the operation and maintenance process hassle free. The services may require an upfront payment or seem costly in the building but their services provided in the long run would not only prove useful but also economical. An experienced specialist who has amassed great experience in this field would help to counter the problems in the most pragmatic way. The market may be filled with a lot of people claiming to be experienced in the industry and that they would provide the services at unrealistically low prices. But one shouldn’t fall in the trap because all that glitters is not gold. One should check the profile and history of a given group or company and the quality of service that it has provided to the clients in recent past to ascertain whether it is suitable for the given service or not. One should take into account the aforementioned factors before selecting someone for provision of the services so that one gets the required quality of services later.