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You will recover the health and beauty of your mouth with a simple and effective process. Do not give up eating what you like most and forget about the complexes. If you need a dental implant, at us we can offer you very competitive prices and a very high quality. And for your peace of mind, you will have our detailed guarantee. Because we want you to trust us, click here!

Unitary dental implants : Do not give up your denture: all teeth are necessary. If you have lost one, do not hesitate and go to our dental clinics. Our specialists will be responsible for making a diagnosis of your mouth completely free and will recommend the most appropriate solution to your needs.

What do we do when it comes to us? : First, we simulate the tooth root with a biocompatible titanium structure that is inserted into the bone. On this structure, we fix a piece of metal and ceramic, resistant and natural looking, which allows you to replenish your tooth without touching the neighboring teeth. The pieces of titanium are placed in the bone, fixing the denture effectively, preventing mobility and facilitating chewing. It is a simple and painless process that will allow you to recover all the functionality of your denture, gaining aesthetics and confidence.

Bridge over dental implant : If you have lost several teeth, the solution is a bridge over an implant.

What do we do when it comes to us? : First of all, we anchor to the bone two dental implants of biocompatible titanium that will act as a root, supporting with certainty the force of the mastication. On these structures we fix a fixed prosthesis of three teeth, made of metal and ceramic, to provide full functionality to your new teeth. And thus recovering a natural and healthy aspect click here for added information!

Fixed prosthesis : If you are missing all the teeth, you can choose a permanent solution using the fixed prosthesis.

What do we do when it comes to us? : First, we implanted eight pieces of biocompatible titanium in the bone, which will hold the prosthesis properly distributing the force of the mastication. On these anchors, we fix each new dental piece individually. Made of metal and ceramic, the new pieces combine a totally natural look with greater strength and durability. The result is the closest thing to enjoying your own teeth again.

Overdenture : The overdenture model for complete prosthetics is a solution that provides safety in a simple way.

What do we do when it comes to us? : First, we distribute four biocompatible titanium dental implants along the gingiva, simulating the function of the dental roots, ensuring the denture to the bone. On these “new roots”, we fix a metallic structure in which the complete prosthesis is clamped. So you will have the tranquility and aesthetics of a fixed denture, and also the freedom to remove, reposition and clean your prosthesis with ease.

Hybrid prosthesis : When the lack of all the teeth has caused the bone to lose volume, the most appropriate solution is hybrid prosthesis.

What do we do when it comes to us? : First, we create six support points that will act as a fixed base of the prosthesis. They consist of bio compatible titanium dental implants that connect the structure to the bone. Next, we fix prosthesis with metal base and resin structure to the implants, with all the teeth. This way you will have an aesthetic solution that recovers the expression and functionality of your mouth in an economical way. Click here if you are still looking for some information.

Organic acerola cherry : Benefits

Nutrition is very important for the control of body measurements, but it is important that we know that health must be preserved, so it is not enough to choose the menu only from the caloric values. Organic acerola cherry is one of the fruits that can combine benefits for weight control, and especially, help promote health and wellness. If you are looking at functional foods, it is interesting to stay within the benefits of organic acerola cherry, because with its properties, the fruit can be more powerful than you can imagine.

Originally from Mexico, acerola is one of the key ingredients in Indian cuisine. It is rich in various vitamins and minerals, in addition to promoting the body with proteins and functional fibers. Its taste is acid but subtly sweet, which causes many people to fall in love with the fruit. The benefits of acerola involve treating intestinal inflammations and diseases in general. Among the contributors to the positive actions of acerola, we can highlight what the fruit is for, since it has a portion of vitamins A and C, as well as folic acid, riboflavin B2 and Niacin. Among the minerals, we can highlight the Phosphorus, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Copper. Food fibers can boost the overall functioning of the digestive system by supporting the elimination of substances that are not suitable for the general health of the body.

No matter what the day brings, we all want to live a healthy, active lifestyle — and hydration plays an important role in achieving just that. Meet our organic acerola cherry a convenient and when mixed with water it is refreshing drink mix packed with essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients perfect for your busy lifestyle. Just add water, and you’re good to go. When you’re ready to enjoy a hydrating drink, made from the organic acerola cherry crystals are ready to provide a beneficial hydrating drink suitable for any time of the day.

  • Each serving provides phytonutrients, eight essential B vitamins, and fiber.

Sweetened with sugar derived from corn and fructose, organic acerola cherry has just 123Kj and 35 calories per serving.

  • Defend Cherry is an immune-boosting hydration formula, that helps to support your natural defenses.
  • Contains zinc which supports the skin, the body’s healing process and help to build immunity.
  • Includes 45mg of natural vitamin C from acerola cherries grown on our own organic farms.
  • These refreshing drinks contain B vitamins necessary for energy production and metabolism

Benefits of organic acerola cherry:

Organic acerola cherry has eight essential B vitamins- necessary for the formation of energy in the body. Contains 3.0 g of fiber per serving- Contributes to the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Fibre-rich foods and supplements help to provide a feeling of fullness. Delicious, tastes great, refreshing-Helps to make drinking water enjoyable.

  • Quick dissolving-Easy to mix
  • Low-calorie 123kJ, 35 calories per serving-Offers a suitable replacement for high-calorie beverages when dieting
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives- A delicious drink that is good for you
  • Vitamin C from acerola cherries and zinc- Immune support

Benefits of organic acerola cherry – What it serves:

We will see below the main benefits of acerola, understanding what exactly it serves in relation to health and good form.

1- Blood sugar control

The antioxidants contained in acerolas are responsible for controlling blood sugar levels in the blood. With glucose and insulin balance, it is possible to prevent occurrences of hypo and hyperglycemia, common and very harmful to diabetics and people who tend to have this condition. The benefits of organic acerola cherry can help in the prevention of diabetes, contributing to the general health of the body. We know that no fruit is harmful to diabetics, as long as they are eaten in healthy portions. The benefits of acerola also extend to these as it can aid in balancing blood sugar levels in the blood.

2- Antioxidant action and cancer prevention

Acerola is rich in flavonoids and carotenoids, which are important antioxidants to act against the action of free radicals. They are important to protect against the action of cancer cells, and that can result in the formation of tumors. It is important to know what the acerola is for, as it is very convenient for the prevention of cancer in the lung. In anticancer effect, acerola is compared to several fruits, and its therapeutic effect is evidenced by the presence of anthocyanins and carotenoids, as in papayas, guavas, and tomatoes.

3- Strengthening of the immune system

Vitamin C is one of the main contributors to the strengthening of the immune system, so it contains an excellent portion of this nutrient, acerola is convenient for people to feel stronger against external adversities since it has been proven that the fruit can contain up to 25 times more vitamin C than the orange. The contribution of vitamin C also extends to this nutrient contributing to better absorption of iron, important mineral for the immune system. The portion of this vitamin becomes even greater when the fruit is in the most advanced stage of ripening.

4- Beautiful skin

The change in measures brings some consequences to the body of people, especially those who lose a lot of weight, which results in some evidence in the elasticity of the skin. To promote blood vessels, bone health and especially the skin, vitamin C of acerola can aid in the synthesis of Collagen, excellent agent to reduce impacts such as stretch marks, cellulite and sagging. By ensuring the production of this collagen, one can notice the benefits not only on the skin, but on the bones, teeth, and more. Organic acerola cherry is also recognized as convenient for protecting the skin when it is exposed to the sun, in addition to delaying the effects caused by aging.

Who may benefit from consuming this product?

Anyone over the age of 15 years* may benefit from consuming this product. Especially those who understand the importance of drinking more water and want it to taste great while providing vitamin C and zinc that support your body’s natural defenses and help you stay hydrated.