Buying Furniture from Rove Concepts

Often it is not enough to just decorate a room by painting and papering, but there must be the introduction of pieces of new furniture as well. Although there are many places that sell all forms of furniture, not all are of a high standard or put a great deal of effort into the work they produce. It does not have to be the case that random items are chosen, but a room can be designed and specific items can be made to order.

Whatever the taste, there will be something to inspire and impress regardless of taste and in some cases budget. Rove Concepts believe that it is not just possible but necessary to bring a home to life and to make the inhabitants grateful to be there. As you will spend a large part of your week there, it must be a place where you feel happy and relaxed.

Know Who We Are : – Since the inception in 2011, Rove Concepts have grown, and managed to provide citizens with some amazing furniture from many places including Asia. The items that have been commissioned have been able to dispel the myth that there is a lack of standards when it comes to Asian manufacturing. China’s reputation has suffered the most over the year and we are pleased to be able to show that with the right partnership, and care put into the manufacture, Chinese furniture can be of the highest standard.

Hands on Approach : – It may be the case that mass-produced furniture would be cheaper than top of the range hand crafted items, but it is possible to also provide high quality pieces that are not going to break the bank. As we are spending time around the workshops a lot, we can see what it being made how it is being made and ensuring that there are no problems with any of the items.

Materials : – As well as the quality and skill of the workers, the materials that are used are vital to the successful production of our furniture. We want to ensure they are used from sustainable materials and by happy workers as well as being top notch. Each one is specially picked and if there were ever to be problems, they would no longer be used.

  • Leather – the Italian leather used is soaked for 12 hours in the color it will take on. It is a pure breathable fabric and is of the top 5% of leather throughout Italy. When selecting furniture, the choice of leather can be for Classic, waxy or Vintage.
  • Textiles – it will be hard to purchase a comparable textile anywhere. There is the choice of cashmere or boucle wool and the Camira Tweed is considered perfect for many items. Sourced from Denmark, the boucle wool is durable and the cashmere has 200 years of use as a luxury fabric.
  • Hard Surfaces – these are considered as important as the fabrics with quality and durability the most vital factors. They come from North America and Italy and fit perfectly with the rest of the materials.

Once you have decided that you are going to place an order and have gone to the time and trouble to decide what to buy, they want to make sure that there is not a problem fulfilling the order. To ensure that there will not be any concerns over delivery; customers will be kept updated throughout the process. Just in case you do not receive the order when told it will arrive, it is possible to call to find out what is happening, or contact the team at Rove Concepts Customer Services.